Ketamine treatment cost - special offer for Ketamine therapy and rTMS for depression, trauma, OCD and pain in Germany and Spain

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Ketamine treatment and rTMS for depression

Ketamine treatment costs and prices for rTMS usually are quite high in the US. Thus, even though Ketamine has been recognised as a very effective method for treating chronic pain, depression, OCD, post traumatic stress /trauma, burnout, anxieties and other psychosomatic pathologies, not everybody has the time and money for a ketamine treatment.The same goes for repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is an FDA approved and very effective method for treating depression, Obsessive compulsive disorder and chronic pain
This is why we now offer special package prices for our unique intensive short-term Ketamine therapy for depression and pain which combines Ketamine infusions (IV) with other treatments like repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), hypnosis, psychotherapy and neuromodulation. This treatment method has been developed by our doctors and therapists during years of practice.The effectiveness of this combined Ketamine therapy has been confirmed by various medical studies. Our Ketamine treatment for depression and chronic pain shows better and more sustainable results than classic ketamine infusion treatment.
Read an abstract about the sustainability of combined Ketamine therapy among our patients

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Ketamine treatment costs – special offer:

In Europe, ketamine treatment costs are generally lower than in the US. We are happy to announce that we now offer special package deals for intensive ketamine treatment in our clinic in Majorca and our private practice in Munich, Germany for our international patients, who do not have a german health insurance or are resident in germany:

Basic treatment package Ketamine & rTMS:

6 Ketamine IV infusions incl.2 psychotherapy hours per session
20 rTMS
8 sessions psychotherapy
Psychological examination

Now only 6.300 € *

If necessary:
additonal Ketamine IV infusion: 275 € */session 
additonal rTMS: 115 € */ session
Additional psychotherapy (CBT, EMDR): 150 € * / hour (recommended are up to 10 hrs per week, as per individual treatment plan)
Other treatments and diagnostics (polysomnography, neurofeedback, biofeedback, tDCS, etc) on request.

Important information:

  • The packages are designed for the treatment of depression, OCD, PTSD, chronic pain and anxiety disorders. Specially in severe cases of OCD the repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment is recommended to be augmented to 30 sessions.
  • Not all treatment options may be appropriate for patients with untreated hypertension, glaucoma, severe heart disease, or after brain surgery. We put together special offers and treatment plans for these cases.
  • In the very rare case of intolerance reactions to ketamine or magnetic stimulation, treatment will be switched to other procedures or the package price will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.
  • The costs for the stay are not included in the Ketamine treatment cost package.
  • *The prices as indicated are exclusively valid in combination with the Ketamine-rTMS-package. Other prices apply if you wish to not book the special offer.
  • *For legal reasons, this offer only applies to patients who are resident outside Germany. Billing is done via the company Medicina Psicosomatica Dr. Scheib, S.L., in Spain, regardless of whether the treatments take place in Spain or Germany.
  • This offer is not available at our practice in Berlin.

Our combination Therapy with IV Ketamine infusions, Hypnotherapy, rTMS, neuromodulation and psychotherapy is especially preferable to a treatment with esketamine nasal spray. A recent study shows that the esketamine nasal spray is less effective than initially thought in severe depression or treatment resistant depression.
If you are interested, you can find the above mentioned medical studies as well as many other studies about ketamine infusion treatment and rtms here.

Typically the intensive treatment takes place within 10 days to three weeks. Follow-up treatments after some months may be necessary, depending on the severity and the disposition of each patient.


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Ketamine treatment in Germany for Depression, trauma, ocd, pain

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