Treatment at our clinic is very versatile and involves many different therapies. Individual treatments are elaborated for each patient, depending on the diagnosis we elaborate here at he clinic.

„A useful therapy has to be adapted to the needs of the patients, but not the other way round.“

Our concept of a short and intense psychotherapy, inpatient, day hospital or outpatient, shows clear and stable success in many diseases. It has proven to be a particularly useful model for the treatment of following diseases:

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)  |  Alcohol Problems Anxiety Disorders  |   Burnout Syndrome  |  Cancer Cardio-vascular DiseasesDepression   |  Obsessive-compulsive DisorderPost Traumatic DisorderSleep Disorders

Take advantage of the benefits of therapy and treatment in our private clinic in Majorca: No long waits, Individual therapy, intensive short therapy – Successes after only two to three weeks. Hospitalization in combination with an exclusive therapeutic treatment at the hotel, totally anonymous and discreet. Relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere, additional use of sports therapy, relaxation techniques and experience programs, organization of treatment by your GP.

Depending on the individual diagnosis of each patient, treatment methods at the clinic Dr. Scheib most commonly are a combination of the following therapies:

Autorelaxation  |  Behavioral Therapy  |  Biofeedback  |  Child and Adolscent Psychotherapy  |  Client-based Psychotherapy  |  EMDR Therapy Method  |  Equine Therapy  |  Gestalt Therapy  |  Hypnosis  |  Ketamine Therapy Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: MBSR  |  Neurofeedback  |  Pharmakotherapy  |   Progressive Relaxation  |   Psychodynamic psychotherapy  |  Repetitive transcranial magnetic Stimulation (rtms)Sport and exercise therapy YOGA

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