The treatment costs for psychotherapy in our clinic are potentially covered by your private health insurance, depending on the respective contract. However, we recommend that you contact your health insurance company in advance to determine how much will be reimbursed for outpatient or inpatient treatment.

We also recommend that members of statutory health insurance companies find out to what extent the treatment costs are covered.
According to the ruling of the European Court of Justice of May 13, 2003, Az. C-385/99, the statutory health insurance companies have to reimburse outpatient treatment in other European countries without prior application, but only to the extent that they are paid for in their home country.

If you would like to or have to pay the treatment costs of your therapy yourself, you will receive a cost estimate from us before the start of treatment, which varies depending on the form of therapy and is tailored to your individual needs. This ensures that you are not confronted with unforeseen costs at the end. People living in Germany have the option of financing the costs of therapy. We will put you in touch with our co-operation partner for this purpose. Please let us know of your interest at the initial consultation.
We charge 100% advance payment of the cost estimate. You have the following payment options: credit card (except Amex), Paypal or bank transfer

An outpatient treatment in our clinic on Mallorca can include psychotherapy, sports therapy, rTMS, neurofeedback, ketamine infusions, hypnosis, physiotherapy or other psychosomatic therapies. Which treatment methods are included depends on the individual therapy planning for each patient.

The additional costs for inpatient treatment are to be requested individually depending on the type of accommodation.

These prices are valid for our clinic on Mallorca only. Please contact us if you are interested in a treatment at our other locations (Andalusia and soon Dubai) for an individual quote.

If you are interested in treatment, please contact us for a non-binding offer. We will get back to you personally to find the best possible therapy for you and answer all your questions.


Costs of treatment Instituto Dr. Scheib / Clinica Luz in Palma de Mallorca

The costs of treatment in our other locations can vary. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

Inpatient accommodation at Clinica Luz in Palma de Mallorca Preise
Single room with balcony 550€ / day
Extra for suite with separate living and sleeping areas 240 € / day
Individual care in case of suicidal tendencies or other high risk situations that require permanent supervision. 45 € / hour
Additional guest per room on demand
In case of an acute crisis, it may be necessary to start treatment as an in-house patient. After a couple of days it may be possible to switch to outpatient treatment. We are happy to assist you with finding accommodation in a convenient hotel.


Outpatient treatment at Clinica Dr. Scheib
All treatments are charged separately
Psychotherapeutic evaluation interview (also possible online or by telephone) 150€/h
Admission examination including psychological test diagnostics 150 €
First medical checkup
Blood analysis price depending on blood value analysis
150 €
Brief psychological assessment 150 €
Psychological assessment 300- 600 €
If necessary sleep laboratory 425 €
Quantitative EEG incl. elaboration of a therapy plan for neurofeedback 325 €
Ketamine infusion incl. medical monitoring (price depending on therapeutic accompaniment)
275- 575 €
Clarity Breathwork 150 €/h
Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) initial measurements 145 €
1 therapy unit of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) 115 €
Neurofeedback package, min. 60 sessions 1920 €
Massage 99 €
Acupuncture 99 €
Medical fitness training 129 € / h
Psychotherapy (behavioural therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, EMDR) 150€
Hypnosis Therapy 150€
Couples therapy 200 €
Equine assisted therapy 150€
Additional charge for therapies on sundays and bank holidays: +50%


If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel it well in advance. In case of cancellation of the treatment within 24 hours before the start of therapy, we charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the treatment price


Just a few minutes from the clinic you can find hotels of different categories that we are working with closely

Name Hotel Sterne* Website
Innside Palma Bosque ****
Hotel ARAXA ****
Hotel Gran Meliá Victoria *****
Hotel Isla Mallorca ****
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Difference between inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment
Inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment for psychosomatic disorders at our clinic in Palma de Mallorca only differ in the accommodation and billing. There is no difference i he intensity of the treatment.
The therapy concept and the required treatment intensity will be specified together with your doctor during the admission process.
More about our treatment procedure

Inpatient treatment at Clinica Luz

Inpatient treatment is suitable for patients with severe physical pathologies, which require permanent medical supervision. For example patients with cancer, patients with vespere eating disorder or patients that are at risk of suicide.

The daily rate includes all medical diagnostic and therapeutic measures, one relaxation method like for example sport therapy or physiotherapy.
Not included are: psychotherapy, hypnosis and rTMS as well as medical treatments of different medical expertise.

Additional medications are not included with any services and will be charged separately.

If you are interested in a psychosomatic treatment at our clinic, please contact us now. We will get back to you personally as soon as possible to find the best therapy for you and discuss further details.

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