Since I was a student, I’ve been convinced of the importance of a patient-focused approach in medicine. I learned on several occasions how patients were treated according to schematic procedures without a clear understanding of their problem. This therapeutic approach often led to a chronic development, a worsening of the complaints or even to the death of the patient.

Dr Mario Scheib therapeutic concept, Vision

Dr. Mario Scheib

My vision encompasses a therapeutic approach where the question isn’t “What do we do in this case – what are our standards?” but “What does this person really need – what options can we offer in this case?”. Therefore, my main concern is to see the person at the centre of our therapeutic approach, alongside their needs and resources, instead of having to automatically resort to a medicine focused on the disease in itself.
During my medical education, I realised very quickly how important motivation and atmosphere was for the success of my learning. Everyday life often led me to try new things and to accept different perspectives. That goes for doctors, as well as for patients.

This approach made me seek an individual and optimal intervention when dealing with addiction patients, based on the abstinence paradigm. I was encouraged in this procedure by Dr Luc Isebaert, who introduced his model of choice in Bruges in the mid-eighties, and by Prof. Joachim Körkel, who developed the Controlled Drinking Model. The previously declared backgrounds made me decide to continue my work on the island of Mallorca.

In Mallorca, I worked with my team free from the constraints of health insurance schemes, which often hamper meaningful therapeutic approaches since they – although scientifically provable – have not been implemented as legal requirements. We took the liberty of finding out regardless of the requirements of the payer, which measures are meaningful for our patients. We were able to work better and even more cost-efficiently.

It is particularly important to me that only scientifically accepted and verifiable methods are used and carried out, enabling a continuous scientific evaluation of practiced therapies.

My vision is that this therapeutic approach, which is currently a valid option only for the privileged treatment of privately insured and self-paying patients, has been increasingly recognised by health insurance companies, and it is made available to a growing number of people.
My individualised holistic therapy concept, coupled with the power of light and the sun of Mallorca, guarantees a new and self-empowered life.

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