Medical hypnosis in psychotherapy is an accepted method to effectively help in solving problems, the cure or alleviation of disorders (acute, chronic, psychosomatic and physical). Hypnosis in psychotherapy is done order-oriented: The therapist determines objectives pursued with the patient in further consultation and the achievement will be reviewed at the end. The prerequisite for successful therapy – in hypnosis as well as any other form of psychotherapy – is to build a trusting relationship for the pursuit of our common goals.
To promote healing, searching and learning processes, either hypnosis in more formal sense is practiced, or everyday trance processes can be used for therapeutic work. In addition, hypnotherapy can also be designed as a self-hypnosis training or learning deep relaxation exercises.

Hypnosis therapy can also be held online.

In our clinic we effectively use hypnosis in psychotherapy in combination with Ketamine therapy in the treatment of clinical depression, addiction, post traumatic stress syndrome and other pathologies

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