Regular and heavy use of cannabis can lead to cannabis addiction. This can manifest in psychological problems. There can be a significant decrease in performance, as well as changes in social behavior. If consumption is discontinued after a long phase of high dose consumption, depressive symptoms usually occur, combined with restlessness and difficulty concentrating.

Diagnosis of cannabis addiction:

  • Are there basic psychiatric or somatic illnesses or secondary illnesses (fears, depression, psychoses)?
  • How does the clients behavior manifest in family and work environments?
  • What is the patients motivation?
  • What resources does the patient have?

Therapy of cannabis addiction

Depending on the severity of the cannabis addiction and its symptoms, principally the depressive symptoms are treated. For this purpose, rTMS, tDCS and possibly also ketamine are used in connection with hypnosis.

More about ketamine therapy

Neurofeedback and other relaxation methods are used to relax and improve cognitive performance. Intensive psychotherapy (motivational interviewing) in individual therapy improves motivation and deals with possible problems that prevent the cease of consumption. In the rare case of cannabis-induced psychosis, therapy with neuroleptics may be required.


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