For which symptoms is Ketamine infusion treatment indicated?
Ketamine infusion indications include of course the treatment of depressions. But we are no longer limited to this therapy. Here are all pathologies that we treat with Ketamine infusion in combination with other therapies in our private clinic on Majorca:

Ketamine infusions for depression
The most well-known of all Ketamine infusion indications is the use in the treatment of depression: it does not matter whether the depression is endogenous or reactive. Ketamine infusions can also be used during the depressive phase of manic depressive disorders. Used together with complementary therapies like rTMS and hypnosis, and/or psychotherapy, an improvement can be achieved in 80 to 90% of patients.  

Ketamine infusion for chronic pain
Ketamine infusion is also effective for chronic pain. Many patients suffering from chronic pain are also depressed. Patients with fibromyalgia in particular profit from this treatment. Both hypnosis and rTMS are also used in pain therapy. These treatments are an excellent complement to each other.

Ketamine infusion for compulsions
Compulsions, such as compulsive behaviour and compulsive thoughts, are usually noticeably improved by the use of ketamine infusions. Combining this with hypnosis and psychotherapy is particularly important here. Depending on the type of compulsion, ketamine combined with exposure therapy in virtual reality may also be appropriate.   

Ketamine infusion for post-traumatic stress disorders
Post-traumatic stress disorders can also, under certain conditions, benefit from ketamine therapy. In these cases, however, integration into a psychotherapeutic setting is generally essential. We combine Ketamine infusion therapy with EMDR and a method of psychotherapy that has been specially developed for this pathology. Also, if necessary hypnosis, neurofeedback, rTMS and exposure therapy in virtual reality can be incorporated in the treatment.

Ketamine infusions for addiction
hen talking about Ketamine infusion indications, one of the most surprising one is the use of Ketamine in the treatment of addictive disorders. Treatment with ketamine infusions combined with behavioural therapy and/or hypnosis can overwrite the addiction memory. The latest studies confirm this in particular for the treatment of alcohol dependency. Use can, however, also be indicated for other forms of substance misuse, such as cocaine, as well as for non-substance addictions such as gambling addiction; Ketamine infusions for addictions are always combined with psychotherapy and, if necessary, additional rTMS.  

Ketamine infusions for eating disorders
In certain cases, use for eating disorders is also possible. But in these cases combining the treatment with psychotherapy is an essential requirement.  


For whom is treatment with ketamine not suitable?

Ketamine is generally well tolerated. There are, however, certain illnesses that restrict its use:

Patients who are psychotic and suffer from hallucinations must not be treated with ketamine, as the psychotic symptoms may be intensified. 

Ketamine causes a slight increase in blood pressure and intraocular pressure. For this reason, patients with high blood pressure or glaucoma must first have their pressures adjusted to normal, or at most slightly elevated, levels.  

Patients with severe coronary heart disease must also be excluded from treatment. With milder forms of CHD, ketamine infusion therapy may be carried out under special supervision following consultation with the cardiologist or internal medicine specialist treating the patient.    

FAQ´s Ketamine therapy

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