The equine therapy is particularly suitable for people with emotional disorders, ADD / ADHD, and autism and disabilities. It is also very successful during complementary psychotherapeutic treatments like burnout, addictions, cancer, and multiple sclerosis.

“Hippotherapy is experience-oriented (Dr. Eugene Gendlin) and a holistic Complementary therapy”. The patient is physically, mentally and emotionally addressed during the interaction between man and horse and is therefore supported to find a physical balance and inner balance at the same time.

About learning of “Focusing” (Dr. Eugene Gendlin)

  • The patient learns to help himself.
  • The actual process of change is experienced as pleasant.
  • The patient has the sole authority, the exclusive competence and the sole knowledge in solving his problems.
  • The patient is the “Focuser,” which starts the process autonomously. The therapist becomes the mediator.

Equine therapy is based a special training and knowledge of the social pedagogy, the Feldenkrais therapy, psychotherapy and yoga. This ensures to find a quick access to the patient and to – during treatment with and on the horse – figure out the chance to give information about himself. That is, if the patient receives the necessary “building blocks” such as

  • Ability to help himself
  • Perceive the changing process directly
  • Become “focuser” that can begin the process of changing autonomously

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