Mallorca international address for individualized psychotherapy: Mallorca is not only the ideal place to relax and spend a great vacation, but also offers the best conditions for the success of your therapy. The pleasant climate and the ease of the island guarantee the necessary rest, relaxation and concentration that you need in this phase of life.

Initial examination: At the beginning of your stay, depending on the medical condition is an extensive internal medical or psychiatric-neurological initial examination, combined with psychological testing. After the preliminary interview with the psychotherapist a treatment plan is created, which can be adjusted at any time depending on the course of the current development. For our patients it is possible to choose between an outpatient or inpatient stay. For this decision, our team is available at any time to advise you.

In February 2017 we moved in our new rooms in the Clinic Luz in Palma. The Clinica Luz is a renovated and reopened old private clinic, which is on the edge from the villa area of Palma Son Armadans, next  to the forrest and the approach to Castillo Belver.
From there it is only a few minutes to the port. Our ambulant patients can choose from  a wide range of accommodation only a five minute walk away , from guest houses up  to 5* hotels.

There is a particular advantage for stationary patients.  The ambience is not in common with the ambience of a hospital.  There are rooms with balconies, a great view over the harbor and Palma, the nursing staff is multilingual and we also provide gastronomically a clear distance to the usual hospital catering.  And, of course, it is also guaranteed that the care is provided by german-speaking doctors in all relevant fields of expertise in the Clinica Luz.

Outpatient and day hospital: Our patients who opt for outpatient or day hospital stay, have the opportunity to pick their hotel according to individual preferences. The hotel selection is made taking into consideration the special sports program during therapy. Depending on the taste of the patient, hotels are chosen in the old town or off the beaten tourist centers close to the sea. The best recommendations possible can be found under the heading service.

Each hotel or address you choose, ensure absolute discretion by our team. You are not seen as a patient by anyone, only by you and the team that works around you. You can perceive the therapy sessions either in the clinic, in practice or in your hotel.


Free time
You can customize the free time between treatments. A massage in the spa area of the hotel, a game of tennis or ride by the sea. Furthermore, there are a variety of water sports, or the golf course is within easy reach. With these prospects, you can always discretly declare your treatment as a holiday trip.


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