Diagnosis of cancer often leads to anxiety and depressive reactions and is sometimes even experienced as severely traumatising in the sense of post-traumatic stress disorder. But it is precisely the further course of treatment that requires mental stability in order to be able to cope with operations and possible chemotherapy and maintain the quality of life.

The management of pain and side effects of the treatment improves quality of life, which in many cases improves the prognosis as well. Psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, sports, and hypnosis play a crucial role here. Physically active, hopeful patients have a significantly better prognosis for many types of malignant diseases. Hypnosis helps reduce pain and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. Guided imagination result in improvements of the immune system and may thus contribute to a favourable treatment.

Cancer patients may receive required chemotherapy as outpatients, day patients, or in-patients. La CLÍNICA LUZ with all its medical departments is available for these treatments. The treatment is complemented or followed by treatment tailored to the individual case, including psychotherapy, hypnosis, relaxation techniques, and individualised sports or riding therapy. Complementary naturopathic methods may be used as well.

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