Online psychotherapy and psychosomatic treatments

psychotherapy online or via telephone

We have decided to incorporate online psychotherapy and psychosomatic treatments online or via telephone for anybody who needs our help. We have ample experience in working online or via telephone with former patients in the aftercare.
Now we are able to offer a majority of our therapies as online treatments as well. Preliminary assessment can be conducted online and thus new patients can easily get access to our therapeutic offers.

An in-depth anamnesis and diagnostics using psychological test procedures are just as easily conducted online as in person. This may seem unwonted at first, but is easily adapted to after a very short period of therapy. The online therapy results just as benificial to the patient as a normal psycosomatic treatment at the clinic Dr Scheib.

Not only the preliminary assessment can be conducted online, but also certain psychological problems can be worked intensively online or via the phone. Especially people who are isolated by the quarantine profit immensely from regular or even daily talks with a psychiatrist via online videochat or the telephone.

And if you are planing further treatment at our clinic, the online therapy helps you to get to know your doctor. This will make the start of your therapy in our clinic at a later stage a lot smoother for you.

Even specific treatments against anxieties and traumas, like EMDR for example, can be held online via Videochat or video conference.

Online-hypnosis for relaxation and against sleep disorder as well as other relaxation techniques round off our offer of online therapies.

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