ADHD is a developmental disorder that begins in childhood and partly continues into adulthood. It is characterized by difficulty in controlling attention, self-regulation and impulsivity; It is sometimes linked to a pronounced physical restlessness. Usually, those affected can no longer focus on one thing and often later may also experience problems in social behavior.

Responsible for this disease are neurobiological differences that can have both genetic causes and psychosocial factors. Treatment is usually pharmacological and psychotherapeutic.
Each child with a chronic illness is a challenge for his family. Therefore, not only the management of the disease but also the patient’s abilities are important for the course of the treatment. A solely drug-related treatment often does not bring the same long-lasting results as a combined treatment.

adhs We provide families with affected children multiple approaches to therapy, which can be seen for example as a family holiday in Majorca:

  • Psychotherapy treatment for the affected child
  • Continuation and possibly re-evaluation of drug treatment
  • Hippotherapy for relaxation and stimulation of attention and perception of the body as well as to relax
  • Neurofeedback to promote concentration and ability to relax
  • Family therapy to strengthen healthy ways of interacting in families living together
  • If necessary, single or couple counseling of parents affected, for example, in reactions of excessive pressure towards the child
  • Mediation of relaxation techniques for all family members


Offers can be individually adapted to the needs of the affected family. During treatment, the family can live in a hotel or an apartment. Minors will be collected to therapies by our employees.
In adults, ADHD can hide behind the problems of social behavior and drug abuse(especially cocaine). Again, treatment can be a very useful combination of psychotherapy, Neurofeedback, drug therapy and hippotherapy.

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