tiefenpsychologisch fundierte psychotherapie Depth psychology-based psychotherapy

Depth psychology-based psychotherapy, also known as psychodynamic psychotherapy is based on psychoanalysis with its further developments. One of the basic assumptions is that unconscious conflicts, which are based on the patient’s life history, later lead to effects on experience and behavior. Recognizing and raising awareness of these conflicts and dealing with the therapist-patient relationship, the so-called transference relationship, leads to the disappearance or improvement of the symptoms. There is more inner freedom and joie de vivre.

Psychotherapy based on depth psychology is a so-called guideline procedure in the German psychotherapy guidelines. It is considered scientifically recognized and effective for many conflicts and can be represented and processed faster and better. This is the only way to achieve sustainable and stable therapy results within a short period of two to three weeks.

Usually, the treatment takes place once or twice a week sitting down. In our private clinic in Mallorca, we offer one hour per day. It is also possible to have treatment while taking a walk on the beach or elsewhere in the beautiful Mallorca nature. Thoughts can potentially flow more freely during walks. Greek philosophical schools and monks in the Middle Ages were known to use this effect.

Deep psychological psychotherapy or psychodynamic therapy can be combined with behavioral therapy concepts or hypnosis. Usually two therapists work together. The trauma therapy EMDR can also be integrated into a deep psychological therapy approach.

In our private clinic in Palma de Mallorca we offer deep psychological psychotherapy for depression and other pathologies. It is also an important part of our combination therapy with ketamine infusions, hypnosis, rTMS and other therapy methods for therapy-resistant depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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