Psycho-social factors are primary risk factors for coronary heart desease. They increase both, the risk of contracting the disease as well as the probability of dying after a heart attack if it occurs.

In the so-called “broken heart syndrome”, life-threatening failure of the heart occurs after psychosocial stress, especially after loss experiences.

But high blood pressure as well is related in part to our ability to respond to stress.

After a heart attack, many people respond with anxiety and depression. The treatment of those conditions is essential for the patient’s survival!

Sports therapy and relaxation techniques play a central role in the treatment.

HRV (heart rate variability) biofeedback can specifically train the adaptability of the heart to stress. This method is increasingly being used in competitive sports as well. Physical activity following a training program created by our sports scientist improves performance and simultaneously fights anxiety and depression.

Psychotherapy teaches patients to perceive emotions before they get out of hand and better express them. In addition, couple and family therapy deals with possible changes in the family situation due to the disease. The quality of the couple’s relationship has an important effect on the course of the disease.

Depending on the severity of disease, we develop a therapy concept specially tailored to the needs of the individual patient.

In less severe cases of the disease, patients can participate in our therapy programs on an outpatient basis as part of a family holiday. Patients at risk may be hospitalised to benefit from intensive treatment.

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