Pharmacotherapy in psychotherapy: As little as possible – as much as necessary

Not infrequently the prescription of psychotropic drugs takes over due to lack of better resources. Often there are no short-term psychotherapy courses available and the time of the primary treating physician is limited. Sometimes even a noncritical prescription leads to dependency and a chronicity of the disease. Pharmacotherapy consists of the sensible and carefully planned use of psychologically effective medicines. Used correctly, pharmacotherapy can be very useful for the patient and improve treatment outcomes and reduce treatment duration. Pharmacotherapy is especially indicated in the treatment of addiction.

In addition to the usual drugs we also use substances that are not available in all countries or usual (off-label use) in certain cases and after consultation with the patient. The drugs are safe and will not harm the patient.

For example, the well-known anesthetic ketamine in a non-narcotic dose, causes an immediate and intense effect on depression for many people. In particular, suicidal thoughts often disappear during the first infusion. Ketamine is not only effective in the treatment of depressions, but also in posttraumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

The drug Baclofen, usually used against cramps, can significantly reduce cravings through alcohol and cocaine addiction.

For the prevention of relapses Naltrexonpellets can be implanted with heroin or other opioid dependence, which neutralize the effect on future ingestion.

We are looking always for the right medication for you to support your treatment and are guided by current international research results.

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