Our Child and Adolescent therapist offers as part of your vacation on the beautiful sunny island Mallorca, an intensive short-term therapy to solve the problem of child-parent connection. The treatment of the child always requires the involvement of the family.

During one week, this therapy takes place with the family. We work with different settings (the basis for the practical application of measures and introduction of processes, behavioral prevention and health promotion). The dynamics of the problematic situations are analyzed and solutions worked out with the whole family. The procedure is based on a solution-focused brief therapy (de Shazer). Depending on the diagnosis, the therapy can be enhanced by the following offers:

Psychological Test Diagnostics (attention, intelligence, etc.):

Parents – children – adolescents take an individual, interdisciplinary treatment and can see the first successes in a short time.

At the end of therapy, we create a prospect for you. Either planning a further intensive short therapy on Mallorca and of course the support by a corresponding colleague in your area.


If you are interested in our therapy, please take a few seconds to fill out our contact form. We will set up a preliminary phone interview at your convenience to determine your individual therapy:

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