The treatment costs for psychotherapy in our clinic are covered by private health insurance, depending on the respective contract. However, we recommend that you contact your health insurance company in advance to determine how much will be reimbursed for outpatient or inpatient treatment.

We also recommend that members of statutory health insurance companies find out to what extent the treatment costs are covered.
According to the judgment of the European Court of Justice of May 13, 2003, Az. C-385/99, the statutory health insurance companies have to reimburse outpatient treatment in other European countries without prior application, but only to the extent that they are paid for in their home country.

If you want or have to pay for your therapy yourself, we will give you an estimate at the beginning, which varies depending on the type of therapy.
This ensures that you will not be faced with unforeseen costs in the end.

As a guideline, depending on the diagnosis and intensity of treatment, you can expect costs for outpatient treatment from 1,000 to 3,000 euros / week. As a rule, the duration of therapy is two to a maximum of three weeks.
With outpatient treatment, we guarantee an upper limit of 3,000 euros / week – no matter how intensive your treatment is. This includes psychotherapy, sports therapy, rTMS, neurofeedback, ketamine infusions, hypnosis, physiotherapy and all other therapeutic offers in the field of psychosomatics.
The additional costs for inpatient treatment are to be requested individually depending on the type of accommodation.

Note: For patients who do not receive reimbursements from their insurance, we offer affordable financing models for up to several years.

Payment in 12 monthly installments is possible without additional costs. (Additional payment plans are available).

If you are interested in treatment, please contact us and we will get back to you personally to find the best possible therapy for you without obligation.