“It’s now 7 weeks since I left your clinic, and since then I have not experienced depression! This is a big miracle for me and I’m very thankful for your help!” Journalist, 50

„I am male 71 years old, professionally successful and has been suffering from a severe depression for about one year. The cause for this was a separation and I had started a treatment with a normal antidepressant. After another private incident the depressive phases worsenedup to extreme lethargy, daily tasks were hardly to be mastered and also led to professional problems. The active substance prescribed at that time showed no improvement of the state of health. The only effect was, which was not conducive to daily life, an average sleeping time of 11 – 12 hours. I consulted Dr. Scheib. He recommended me an infusion with the active substance Ketamine and the prospect of the depressive condition was immediately rectified. The infusion lasted under his supervision approx. 30 minutes, the effect sensational. I was clearly relaxed and the next day was even better. The compulsive thinking was away, I can do as before my upcoming tasks and, besides, ascertained an increase of my commemorative achievement. With the commemorative achievement is really unbelievable! “
Patient, male, 71 years old, Treatment 2016

„Immediately after the Ketamine therapy has worked it worked with me. I was within minutes like “drunk”, combined with a pleasant feeling. I was not afraid. My symptoms got better immediately; this constant lump in the throat had completely disappeared. I had a lot of energy and desire to do something. The feeling has lasted for several days and I have not felt as depressed as before.” 
Patient, female, Student, 23 years old (Previously unsuccessful treatment with Prozac)

„Very good therapists, when required always accessible, the intensive treatment in three weeks gave results quickly. The fact that the conversations also took place at the hotel. That the trainees could take care of driving if necessary, or simply accompany me to an excursion. That the trainees took driving service if necessary or could accompany me to an excursion. In the private and professional environment, the treatment could be “sold” as a holiday.Concrete advices on how existing situations can be changed, I still use. The feeling of intense attention did infinitely well. Everyone made me feel welcome and my needs were taken seriously.I also used the offer to get in touch after my return in Everyday life. This was a part of the success. The three weeks have given my life a new depth and quality. Old obstructive habits have remained on Mallorca.”

„The treatment starts with the good support of your team. Recalls were made immediately, good travel organization, easy calculation of the achievements, excellent support on site, (in the leisure through Johanna. Riding and sport with Evelyn have contributed a lot to the compensation (I still continue at home). The conversations with Mrs. Gleede and you were very positive for me, even if many tears have flowed. You were a leap back into life. To see things with new eyes and not to stay on the retracted paths. The many appointments that both of you have been made possible, have intensified the treatment. The supposed holiday resort also has a positive effect, sun and sea, read on the lounger and relaxes, not to rush from date to date. It requires courage to take off alone for 3 weeks, to eat alone etc., but also this strengthens. I feel much better physically and mentally. Joy of life and serenity has returned.”

Conversations with a male therapist as well as a female therapist, wonderful accommodation in Mallorca, leisure offers; you never felt alone and could still retreat.”