As a student I was convinced of the importance of patient-oriented medicine. Too often I experienced how patients were treated according to schematic procedures without the real problem ever being understood. Not infrequently this led to the chronification, worsening or even death of the patient.

Therefore, my vision was a therapeutic concept, in which at the beginning the question was not “What do we do in this case – what are our standards?”, No “What does this man really need – what possibilities do we have to create for him?”. Therefore, it is the essential aim for me to see the people at the center of attention, with their needs and resources and not mechanistic medicine with a focus on the disease itself.
During my trainings I realized very quickly how important motivation and atmosphere are for learning success. The exclusion from daily routine allows often at all, to try new things and to allow other thoughts to leave ingrained ways. That goes for doctors as well as patients.

This thought led early on to the fact that I gave in dealing with addiction patients in the abstinence paradigm and together with the patient sought an attainable/optimum path for the individual. I was encouraged in this procedure by Dr. Luc Isebaert who in the mid-eighties in Bruges introduced his model of and by Prof. Joachim Körkel who brought forward the model of controlled consumption of alcohol. The previously explained backgrounds made me decide to continue my work on the island of Mallorca.

In Mallorca I work with my team free from the constraints of the health insurance schemes, which often obstruct practical therapeutic approaches, since they – although scientifically verifiable – have not been implemented in statutory requirements.
We take the freedom to find out, regardless of the requirements of cost bearers, what actions are appropriate for our patients. We therefore work more economical and faster.

It is particularly important to me that only scientifically recognized and verifiable procedures are applied and carried out and that continuous scientific evaluation of therapies takes place.

My vision is that this approach, which is currently still a privilege treatment for privately insured and self-pay patients, should be increasingly recognized by the public health insurance companies and a larger number of people cpuld profit from these.

“My individualized holistic therapy concept, combined with the power of light and the Majorcan sunshine guarantee a new strengthened belief in oneself.