Our physiotherapy is based on the treatment of the complaints, as well as on the functional movement or activity limitations of the patient, which is determined at the physiotherapy examination. The diagnosis is made in conjunction with findings based on answers to physical stimuli, such as heat, cold, pressure, radiation and electricity. The treatment aims, on the one hand, to generate natural, physiological reactions, and on the other hand, to offer a better understanding of the functioning of the body and its autonomous response. The goal is to restore, maintain or promote health and, at best, to achieve freedom from pain.

An insight into the new rehabilitation centre where you can perform physical therapy and take sports courses.

Furthermore, the new rehabilitation centre offers a novel therapy for the treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis by stimulation with magnetic and radio waves. The aim of this procedure is to stimulate the cartilage self-regeneration. This form of therapy has not shown any side effects and is considered painless.

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